Cancer vaccine clinical trials in the UK

BioNTech will complete the development of such a cancer vaccine and start clinical trials in the UK in September.

The cancer vaccine, which prevents and treats cancer, will start clinical trials in the UK in September.

Germany’s BioNTech will develop this vaccine, the m-RNA method is a chemical technology that does not require separate cultivation of proteins or viruses, so the speed of vaccine production is fast.

Traditional vaccines usually take years to reach the market. But M-RNA vaccines cut that time by directly teaching the body’s cells how to make proteins similar to those found in viruses.

The type of vaccine developed by BioNTech is a method that makes the immune system of cancer patients attack harmful cells. And can provide around 10,000 treatments tailored to the condition of cancer patients.

BioNTech’s goal is to accelerate the development of immunotherapies and vaccines using technology that has been working on them for more than 20 years.

This technology affects hundreds of millions of people around the world. This will address many types of cancer.

Peter Johnson, said M-RNA technology has the potential to change the approach to many diseases.

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