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Republicans Debate: Fight The President Now, Or Fight Him Later?

Congress returns from recess Monday, tasked with funding the government past Dec. 11. Some in the GOP want to tie it to halting Obama’s immigration plan, while others aim to avoid a damaging shutdown. » E-Mail This {thumbnail} {image} Politics

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President Hopes To Draw Attention, And Funding, To Ebola Research

Obama on Tuesday visits the National Institutes of Health, site of some promising anti-Ebola research, where he’ll renew his call for Congress to approve $ 6 billion in funding to fight the disease. » E-Mail This {thumbnail} {image} Politics

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Why Back President Obama

Why Back President Obama There are a number of reasons to back President Obama for a second term in office. Like most of us, he did not get everything done on his to-do list. He did get a start on many things. He saved the auto industry in the US, which saved innumerable jobs. It was not just the factory ...

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